Asperger's in Pink Julie Clark ~ Future Horizons: Arlington, Texas

Asperger's in Pink:

Ms. Clark has a fantastic writing style that makes her book both informative and entertaining with a lot of visuals. Pearls of wisdom are listed at the end of each chapter to summarize points that should be especially noted in the chapter are sorted into categories, "for parents & caregivers", "for extended family", "for educators", "for others", etc. for easy reference. Advice on when to push the school district for a formal plan and when to be patient is given as well as tips to help parents understand the IEP process better and tips on improving communication with the school. It includes good summaries and tips that she has gleaned over the years from Tony Atwood and other top professionals in the field. Journal entries that she included by aspergirl gave me insight into my son and myself. She shares her story of faith and the synergistic effect between her struggles and her faith. Examples of how Asperger's manifests itself differently in girls than in boys and how their peers react differently as well as strategies to work with these often painful scenarios, including bullying. This book offers a lot of tips and insights into sensory processing disorder, which commonly accompanies Asperger's syndrome. One area this book covers like none other that I've read is the marriage relationship and how it is affected by Asperger's syndrome as well as pointers on how to work more as a team to weather the storms together. The appendix is stock full of resources from books, to websites to direct the reader toward further information. This is a must have for the parent or professional working with a girl on the spectrum.

Bonnie Kimpling-Kelly, Teacher/Behavior Analyst