How Do I Teach This Kid to Read? Kimberly A.Henry, M.S. ~ Future Horizons: Arlington, Texas

How Do I Teach This Kid to Read?

"Reading is so much more than just letters and words on a page. Reading is communication. Reading is imagination. Reading is participation." This quote from the introduction really sets the theme for the book. Children with autism spectrum disorder can be some of the most difficult to teach every facet of reading due to their difficulty with multi-tasking. Some are excellent at decoding or word recognition, but not reading comprehension. Sometimes the comprehension is there, but the student's receptive language deficit gets in the way of them being able to answer simple comprehension questions.

This book is an excellent tool. It has precise, yet simple to understand explanations of phonemic awareness and other basics for reading. Hands on activities are provided and explained for all areas of reading and templates and worksheets are provided in the accompanying CD. The materials presented take into account the child with autism's unique learning style and uses a multi-sensory approach. It takes into account the special interests of the child, and incorporates music in some of the activities which is great as so many of this population have a special interest in music.

This book is good for the professional or for the parent who is trying to support their child's ability to read. The book is intended for grade levels K-3, but I can easily see using these activities with the older student who is struggling with literacy.

I highly recommend this book for all of its fun, creative methods for teaching full literacy, "from phonics to fluency".

Bonnie Kimpling-Kelly, Teacher/Behavior Analyst