Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom Beth Aune, OTR/L, Beth Burt and Peter Gennaro ~ Future Horizons: Arlington, Texas

Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom.

With the push toward inclusion, many teachers and administrators are struggling to strike a balance between making sure all the students are sufficiently challenged and sufficiently supported. Maladaptive behavior of one or two students can lead to less time and resources to meet those needs. Therefore, it is critical that we have tools to reduce maladaptive behaviors without requiring another staff member to implement the tools or a lot of classroom time.

This book is a quick and easy, no nonsense guide to utilizing principles of occupational therapy and sensory issues common to our students on the autism spectrum. This book would be especially helpful for the school that has limited OT time or an OT without a solid background in sensory integration. It would also be a good tool for "selling" it to those who need these supports.

The setup of the book makes it an excellent "quick reference" to address behavior in the classroom or in one-on-one instruction. It is applicable not only to students on the spectrum, but also those with learning disabilities or Tourettes syndrome.

Bonnie Kimpling-Kelly, Teacher/Behavior Analyst