Asperger's on the Job Rudy Simone ~ Future Horizons: Arlington, Texas

Asperger's on the Job:

According to research at the Nisonger Center at Ohio State University, 85% of individuals with Asperger Syndrome will lose a job NOT because of their inability to complete the work successfully but due to social skills and hidden curriculum issues. Rudy Simone (Author)

This book is an excellent reference for the high functioning person on the spectrum, their family members, employers, educators, advocates, vocational staff and other professionals. It is a great tool for fostering understanding/translation between the neuro-typical mindset and the Asperger's mindset. Common misunderstandings/misinterpretations are dispelled and explained from an Asperger Syndrome vantage point. The author suggests useful tools such as visual metaphors for wise decision-making in social situations. She is one of the few authors to address that phrase we all know and despise, "Well, (insert name) doesn't seem autistic". Each chapter is followed by questions to stimulate introspective thought and immediate personalization of the material in the chapter. The Appendix includes a useful/customizable tool called "Finding the Perfect Job for You - The Personal Job Map" as well as poignant interviewing tips for people with HFA.

Bonnie Kimpling-Kelly, Teacher/Behavior Analyst